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Ultra Light, Ultra Bright

Absolutely love this helmet. Design and fit are fantastic. The helmet has everything I’d expect from a high-end helmet with the added safety of a flashing light. I also really like that the light charges wirelessly. Definitely recommend.

Lumos Ultra
John Houck
New bike helmet

comfortable, adjustable, lights work as advertised

Lumos Signal Remote

Very happy with my remote ! Thank you for the excellent service.

Kevin is a great guy

I had the worst experience with lumos shipping. But all of this was made better by an amazing customer service rep Kavin. He ensured he responded promptly and heard all my concerns despite me never getting the item . But he made sure I was taken care of and supported

Lumos Ultra
Great Helmet

I received my helmet a few days a go and have worn it daily since then. It is comfortable and easy to adjust. I am new to toting children with a cargo bike and appreciated the increased visibility of the lights.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Light in the dark!


Lumos Ultra
James Sharpe

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Firefly
Pasquale Mattera

Lumos Firefly

Lumos Firefly
Ian Andrews

Lumos Firefly

Charging Cable
Michael Harguth

Charging Cable


Lumos Ultra
P Baker

Hello. I returned it for refund.When do I get refund?
Thank you,
Page Baker


Perfectly replaced my old remote that was out of battery

Lumos Firefly
Jacques Charette
Lumos firefly

Put it in front of my e bike in red flashing even in day light to avoid not being seen on bike trail works very well

May have saved my life!

I had an accident on my bicycle a few weeks ago and ended up with a punctured lung, five broken ribs, assorted scrapes and bruises and a chunk missing from my Lumos helmet. But my head was unharmed - no injury to my head whatsoever. I bought the MIPS version, and I think that my be why my neck didn't even hurt the next day.

Thank you, Lumos, for this excellent product. It did its job brilliantly and I will be replacing it with another Lumos helmet.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Martin Herter
great and fantastic helmet

The helmet is great! It fits really well and you don#t feel that you have a helmet wich is a bit heavier than a „normal“ bike helmet. I like the visor and that you can easily ride with the visor up. You still can see the turning lights. The different sounds for different direction is nice. You have an acoustic feedback and can hear weather you have the eft or right turning light on. Even during sunshine the turning lights are visible.
Thank you very much for this great product.

Love it!

Great quality belt product.

Lumos Ultra
Elvis Ortiz
El mejor

Me ha ayudado mucho con el tráfico

Ultra Visor
Craig Della Penna

Ultra Visor

The best smart helmet for riders like I am

Lumos retains its name as one of the best producers of smart helmet for riders. I ordered mine (Lumos Matrix) on 2021 and I shoot them a message about encountering a problem with my Matrix and Lumos, without a second thought, replaced it with the ultra e bike! Ha! Where do you experienced that? They're awesome so if I say the best, trust me, they are.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Ursula Walter
Beauty, but...

If you are familiar with Montreal streets and bike paths, you will understand. My first ride with my beautiful new helmet - the shield kept hitting my nose. I assume it is the less desirable part of the Mips. Other than that, absolute beauty.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Victor Morfin
Great helmet

Love the helmet and the clear sheld is awesome I had eye surgery and wearing it at night well riding protects my eye from bugs and dirt.

Lumos for the win!

I was in an accident about a year ago on my ebike and one of the rubber straps was damaged (no shade to Lumos, the driver thought they had more time to make the turn.) it's been about a year and I'm ready to get back on the saddle and needed a replacement strap. Lumos was more than welcoming and gave zero resistance to replacement. Also it was very low cost to get it sorted out. I now have duplicates for all four(4) fireflies and I'm pretty sure it was all for under like $20 USD. They were awesome!

Lumos Ultra
Ernest Wright

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Firefly
Simon Loro

The Lumos firefly lights are a fantastic product that’s great for road safety. There is no competition.