How We Built The Lumos Ultra E-Bike Helmet

Welcome to How We Built This, where where we take you on a journey behind the scenes of the of our latest creation: the Lumos Ultra E-Bike helmet (UEB). Designed specifically for e-bikes and speed pedelec riders, the UEB brings a new level of strength, protection, and functionality to high-speed riding. Join us as we break down the progress and unveil the features that make the UEB a game-changer in the world of electric bicycles.

Inspired by Lumos Ultra

The Lumos Ultra E-Bike, or UEB for short, is the e-bike variant of our popular Lumos Ultra helmet. Requested by many, we created a stronger version specifically for e-bike riders who needed better protection while moving at higher speeds. The concept was simple, but had its set of challenges during the development phase.

Despite 'just make it stronger' requests, the size is an example of how NTA-8776 certified helmets are larger and bulkier to take on higher impact crashes. We had to optimise the dimensions of the UEB to ensure it passed the NTA-8776 standard across different impact points.

Key Features of the Lumos UEB

1. Face Shield: Wind & Debris Protection

The best position to ensure a smooth connection between the wires & face shield

What it looks like after placing a face shield

Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog

For e-bike riders who brave colder weather conditions and face low-height drops that can cause fogging, the UEB's face shield is built to withstand these challenges. With anti-scratch and anti-fog properties, the face shield ensures clear visibility even in demanding weather conditions. You can now ride confidently, knowing that your helmet will provide optimal visibility throughout your journey.

Enhanced Visibility: Side Lights for Oncoming Traffic

Safety is paramount, and we've gone the extra mile to ensure the UEB enhances your visibility on the road. The face shield of the UEB is equipped with side lights, which not only provide illumination for the rider but also increase visibility for other road users. It was initially a challenge, as we needed to find the right balance between illumination vs disruption. In the following picture, you can see how bright the shield can get, which may affect the vision of some riders.

Our beta testers gave their feedback, and while over 90% of riders felt comfortable with this light, we found that the extra illumination could affect visibility for others. Hence, we ultimately decided on a two step solution:

  1. Inserting a layer of foam between the face shield and side lights to balance the default brightness
  2. Setting a lower level of brightness for the side lights as a default, but allowing users to increase the brightness levels within the Lumos App

This is what the shield looks like with foam and/ or on a lower side light brightness level.

By making your presence known, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you are visible to those around you.

Integrated Front Turn Signals

We've heard your requests and we know you love our front turn signals. This was especially challenging as we building on top of an existing helmet's design as opposed to starting from scratch. In a remarkable integration of functionality, the side lights on the UEB's face shield double up as front turn signals. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of safety, enabling you to communicate your intentions to other road users clearly. With the UEB, signaling your turns has never been easier or more effective.

Introducing FlexiFit: Lumos' New Fit System

The UEB's non-MIPS version introduces our new fit system called FlexiFit. We understand that a comfortable and secure fit is crucial, especially when riding at higher speeds. The FlexiFit system adapts to different head shapes and sizes, providing a precise and customizable fit for each rider.

Fidlock Magnetic One-Handed Buckle: Convenience for E-Bike Riders

Understanding the need for easy and convenient buckling and unbuckling, especially for e-bike riders who may have their hands occupied, we integrated the UEB with a Fidlock magnetic buckle. This one-handed operation ensures a secure fit with a simple snap, allowing riders to quickly and effortlessly secure their helmet. Convenience meets safety, giving riders more time to focus on the road ahead.

The result of experimenting these features? We developed a first of its kind NTA-8776 helmet. While most NTA-8776/ E-Bike helmets are typically built with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) with minimal ventilation while weighing higher, the Lumos UEB helmet presents the right balance between a sportier design, weight, greater visibility & great predictability. Here's a video for your viewing pleasure!

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