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Awesome build quality and a great fit

My daughter has tried many bike helmets and they never fit right. They were always too loose or too tight. We ended up just getting her a snow board helmet that did fit her but it looked terrible and she was never happy with it. :( That's when I first found out about Lumos on Kickstarter. The color selections really caught her eye (she got the orange and white), MIPS protection, and the knob adjustment on the back really helped fine tune the fit and style. The helmet doesn't slide around like the others we have and it feels so much more secure and safe. Thanks, Lumos, you've made my daughter very happy! Can't wait to get the other 3 in the mail!

Lumos Ultra
A helmet I actually wear

At long last I got a helmet that I actually put on. Having neglected my own safety in the past by not putting my old helmet on, I’m now very keen to do so. It fits perfectly and having indicators and brake lights is not only cool but also helpful in heavy traffic.
Only the straps are a nuisance. I have to readjust them every other day because they’re too slick for the clasps.

Lumos Ultra
Stephan Cornips
Great product which every cyclist should wear

As an initial kickstarter supporter, I had high hopes for such a ground breaking product. It has exceeded my expectations. This helmet sets a new standard in Cyclist safety and is a must for every cyclist navigating through traffic.

Lumos Ultra
Kunal Jain
Great helmet!

Love it! Looks cool and functions very well! Would definitely recommend.

Robert Chen
Could be a scam!

The service that I have had from LUMOS so far feels like a credit card scam. After three months I still don't have any helmets to review! The classic "string the customer along", "Oh no, don't call the credit card company as we are shipping it now" has that fraud ring to it.
If I didn't own two previous version of the helmet (good product, expected longevity) I would have bailed long ago.

Lumos Ultra
Rosemary Zwick
Best helmet ever

I love this helmet and the company. Lumos is a helmet that you can trust to protect your head. I crashed (was hit by a car) 1.5 years ago and although my femor was broken and my bike was trashed, my head was fine. This is the only helmet that I will buy and they keep improving it!!!

Lumos Ultra
T Weston
Move over standard helmets

Great safety features to be seen, innovative and easy to use. In 10 years everyone will have these! The future of helmets.

Lumos Ultra
Alex Short
Decent helmet

Lights on the helmet are nice and bright, turn signals are nice and easy to use with proper buttons, none of that touch screen crap. Easy to charge helmet with usb-c cable, fits on my head nicely. Happy with it.

Lumos Ultra
Jim Spillane
Great Helmet

The features on this helmet are awesome. The lights and turn signals add another layer of safety features for night and early morning riding, especially when I'm on long brevet rides.

Lumos Ultra
Like it so far

So far I really like it. Especially the turn signal feature.

Lumos Ultra
Martin Huard
Safest device ever

This helmet is so visible compared to bike mounted lights, car are changing lanes to let me space. Don’t forget that most car are equiped with a rear window light brake (located at the top of the rear windows) because regular tail lights are not visible in some situation. Anyway. Love and recommend my Lumos !

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Raymond A. Bosanko

I needed an extra remote and helmet parts replacement due to the fact it was some of the original parts to the helmet that had a problem. My helmet is in a much better wearable condition now.


The remote control was easy to set up and functioned as described. I place an order and receive it within one week.

Lumos Ultra

This helmet is very impressive. I love all of the features it offers. The medium size fit perfectly. Now we are just waiting for the small one to ship for my partner.

Lumos remote

all good the product is super good thanks for sending it very covered

Lumos Ultra
Ingo M. Schmidt
manufacturer does not react at all

i have been waiting for a reply from the manufacturer for over a week. only got an answer once that the service was understaffed. I am left completely alone with the problem of my Lumos helmet. neither manufacturer nor seller care. I am extremely disappointed and only advise against buying a lumos helmet!

Lumos Ultra
My new Ultra Lumos

I like the sleek style it fits well and the love the the lights

Lumos Ultra
Darya Mikhalionak
Love it!

Yesterday I received my Lumos Mips and I was just thrilled! The helmet is stunning! Great quality, awesome design. I purchased Lumos via Kickstarter, the production and delivery took 1.5 years but I was absolutely fine with waiting as the Lumos team kept me updated all the time. The parcel arrived well packed. Thank you Lumos team!

Charging Cable
Rene Schille

Super Support 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Lumos Ultra
Angel Lassich
Wonderful Product

I absolutely love this helmet! I got remote that gives it brake lights; I have never felt safer!

Lumos Ultra
Steve Pham
Great user experience, simple safe ride

Love the new MIPS helmet - I had the first generation Lumos, which is still going strong. The newer one is even simpler to operate and feels like a natural evolution. The app experience also got simplified too. Love that there isn't extra blight on the experience. Keep up the good work.

Lumos Ultra
Marc-Andre T
Best commuter helmet

I go to work by bike a lot, this helmet is the best to get seen around the city, day and night. Comfort is also top class, I barely feel it on my head when riding. The design is simply amazing, the colors are neat. I love also the fact that I can check battery status from the Lumos App on my phone whenever I'm about to go, to be sure I've got plenty.

I've had my helmet for about two months now and wouldn't want to wear any other helmet for cycling.

Lumos Ultra
Iris Cavazos
Iron Man Helmet

Everyone loves my helmet. They love how bright the lights are and cool design. I am looking into buying another one! Love it!

Lumos Ultra
Daniel S.
Excellent commuter helmet

Lumos Ultra is definitely an excellent choice for whoever wants to feel safer on a bike. The helmet fits comfortably and has a great visibility, with fully customizable flashing patterns and bright lights for any night or rainy day. I also love the blinkers and the brake lights, which are accessible to use and sync with the helmet. Finally, everything in the product is of high quality, from the customization app to every piece connecting together. Best helmet I've ever had!

Charging Cable
Toby Hornak
Charging cable is awesome

It’s magnetic only goes one way which is awesome, it’s good quality so far. I bought 4 in total as bought 2 and then decided to get one more but delivery charges for one was too much but get 2 and delivery is free, and next day delivery which is awesome, just means I can keep 2 on me and have 2 in shed, so if remote and helmet need charging at same time it’s done together which is better, ideally helmet should be supplied with 2 cables don’t understand why it only has one