How We Built The Lumos Ultra Fly

Welcome back to How We Built This, where we take you on a journey behind the scenes of our latest products. We previously shared how we built the Lumos Ultra E-Bike helmet, and today, we're excited to share how we came up with the Lumos Ultra Fly.  

Our first helmet without any electronics. 

"Wait, WHAT? Lumos, you're all about visibility & safety, why are you creating something that's the opposite of what you're trying to solve?!"  


7 years into our journey, we've created helmets with integrated electronics for riders to be seen, to be predictable, and ultimately to be respected by other road users. However, the fact of the matter is that while we've proactively saved thousands of lives, there are still cyclists who we've not been able to help because we haven't created what they need. That's something that we set out to address in our latest product. So in today's How We Built This, we'll share the inspiration behind the Lumos Ultra Fly, and how we've integrated our technology into our very first road focused helmets.

Feedback We've Received Over The Years

  • Lighter helmets! 
  • Removable lights! 
  • Replaceable batteries! 
  • More sustainable helmets & electronics!

But Who's Asking?

If the above points sound familiar, it's probably because you read it in reviews, comments, or even suggested it yourself. We empower all types of cyclists, but a good number of road cyclists have given their feedback, and many find our electronics integrated helmets too heavy for their road rides. These riders ride a lot, ranging anywhere between 100 - 250 miles per week (160 - 400km per week), so weight matters, but also, the flexibility to attach a light when the path gets too dark for their liking. They need that extra visibility when starting their rides before dawn breaks, or even after the sun sets, and that's how we started to connect the dots.

How We Turned Feedback into Features

With these factors and requests in mind, we thought to ourselves about how we could fulfill these different needs. We also needed to keep the core of who we are, keeping visibility and proactive safety at the forefront of every product. The end result?

A lightweight road helmet with the ability to magnetically attach and detach a smart light. The feedback we've been receiving holds true for most cyclists - lightweight, removable lights/ electronics, more sustainable! The Ultra Fly itself is a work of art just by itself, and we're excited to deep dive into how it was built from all your feedback.

Super Lightweight!

By removing integrated electronics, we were not only able to shave off the weight of electronics, but to also optimize the design of the helmet to further reduce the weight. The new weight of the helmet? A low of 250g/ 8.8oz! This was only possible by decoupling electronics away from the helmet. Watch how this feature empowers cyclists wanting a daily lightweight helmet. 

Right to Repair from Removable/ Replaceable Batteries/ Lights

Enter the Lumos Firefly, a smart light that we officially launched 2 months ago. Both helmets introduce a magnetic port that is compatible with our Lumos Firefly Smart Bike Light system. This effectively allows cyclists to attach or detach the Lumos Firefly based on their cycling schedule, environment, and needs. In addition, it answers the sustainability question because cyclists can now either reuse the same Firefly on a different Ultra Fly, and vice versa, reducing the odds of replacing both at the same time, ultimately reducing waste.


"A helmet without electronics, and with a magnetic port for lights - what else is new?" 

We hear you, so let's dive into features found in the Lumos Ultra Fly. 

We'll explain how the Ultra Fly makes your presence known, knowing that you are visible to those around you while riding with confidence. 

Proprietary Magnetic Port

As mentioned, one of the main features found in the Lumos Ultra Fly is its magnetic port that is compatible with our smart bike light system, the Lumos Firefly. Besides giving riders the ultimate flexibility in managing their need for lights, plugging into the LS3 ecosystem allows riders to activate brake lights with the Lumos Remote. Not only that, you can carry 2 Firefly lights and switch it out when either runs out of juice - be seen for as long as you want!


When we were thinking of new designs, we were also reminded by our community that Ultra remains our most popular helmet, and we wanted to create a more accessible & lightweight version of the Ultra, coming in the form of the Lumos Ultra Fly. The Ultra Fly is our lightest helmet made at 250g/ 8.8oz. This is comparatively lighter than most mid-range road helmets, ensuring that riders remain protected while holding up minimal weight on their long rides.

Our Proprietary Fit System - FlexiFit

Our new fit system which was first introduced in the Lumos Ultra E-Bike, is reintroduced in the Ultra Fly. FlexiFit provides a precise, adaptable fit for riders of all head shapes, sizes, and hairstyles. With a user-friendly rotary dial for precision adjustment, and a unique Adaptive Fit + Hairport system that caters to various hair lengths and styles.

All-new sunglasses storage - OptiGrip

Our cyclists were also asking for our future helmets to hold their sunglasses better for their long rides, and as such, we introduced OptiGrip. Crafted for flawless eyewear integration and superior hold, Lumos' OptiGrip provides a reliable, on-the-go solution for eyewear storage. 

Key features include: 

  1. Precision-Crafted Vents: Our meticulously designed vents align seamlessly with your sunglasses' dimensions, enabling a smooth slide-in experience. 
  2. Silicon Securing System: OptiGrip harnesses the power of friction with a hard rubber securing mechanism, ensuring your eyewear stays in place, even during the most vigorous rides.

Ultra Fly:!

Sungalsses: No way Jose! We're in it together!

What about the Lumos Ultra Fly Pro? 

Some of you would already be aware of the Lumos Ultra Fly Pro. Well, that's still under development so all we can say right now is that it will be innovative in its own right, built for the road cycling enthusiast! We promise to keep everyone updated when the time comes. For now, stay tuned!

To Conclude

We've reached the end of this episode, and we hope you enjoyed learning about the design process behind the Ultra Fly, just as much as how we enjoyed designing it for you, our community. As a special launch, our pre-order for the Lumos Ultra Fly is now live, with deliveries taking place throughout December 2023. Pre-orders for the Lumos Ultra Fly Pro will take place sometime February 2024. 

Interested in the Lumos Ultra Fly as your commuting/ casual weekend helmet? Pre-order now and capture the best deals. We'd recommend the bundle options! :D

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