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Co-Creation Series:

Hello and welcome to our new format of delivering content about our upcoming products to customers and fans of Lumos. This is a way for us to show you what our product roadmap looks like for the year, but more importantly gives you the opportunity to be involved and help shape our products with us so that we can build the best solutions catering to your specific needs. We’re hoping this will be a really fruitful exercise and we’re excited to co-create with you to make the best Lumos products yet.

Hi, it's me again. - Bilal, co-founder of Lumos

At the end of our Ultra Kickstarter campaign, we ran a survey about what you wanted to see from us in the future and the feedback we received from you was clear; more lights, things with a battery (not quite sure why this specifically, but it came up numerous times) and more cycling accessories. So we set to work planning out our next round of products. If there’s something we’ve developed a fair amount of expertise on over the years of running Lumos, it’s lights. So naturally it made sense to think about this more deeply. We also constantly hear from our customer-base that ‘you can never have too many lights’, and we agree! So bike lights it is!

Yayyy to your first contribution to the process!

Now, because we’re Lumos, we don’t just want to do any ol’ bike lights. We’re really serious about innovation here, so delivering something special in this category is absolutely our main objective. We’d love to push the bike light market forward, just like we’ve done with cycling helmets. So let’s begin with a bit of theory and go over our mission and how we go about thinking about developing new products.

As humans, when we’re in the dark, our eyes are always searching for recognizable elements and are looking to identify patterns and make sense of things moving around us. We’re particularly adept at spotting faces, or if it’s in the dark, looking for a pair of eyes. It’s a survival trick we learned over the years of being chased around by predators during the night.

When you have two lights that don’t look like they’re connected, your mind doesn’t immediately associate that they’re part of one entity. However, when those two lights are moving in unison together, the human mind can more easily comprehend that they belong to the same body. The distance of those two lights also helps us to determine the size of the entity. If the lights are close together, we naturally assume a smaller object and a larger object if they’re further apart.

By spreading out the lights on a rider, we create a larger silhouette that becomes far more visible on the road. Drivers will assume you’re big, and are more likely to give you more room.

Comparing one light placement vs two or three lights that are spread out

Since we also have helmets that are smart, we’re able to create a whole cacophony of synced lights which all flash in glorious unison.

Something that our customers love about our helmets are the turn signals, so you can bet those are also going to be a key feature of our smart lights.

Join us on this journey

As you can probably tell, we’ve already made a few early prototypes and have been busy testing these with a few Ultra Kickstarter campaign backers and the initial responses have been very positive. I’ll be sharing more details on how the design has evolved in a future post, but we’re not done yet.

To make it easy for us to get an idea, just use the link below to sign-up to receive the rest of our updates to this Co-Creation series.

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That’s it for now. We’ll be updating you on our progress through these posts, but if you’re really excited and want to get more involved, feel free to join our Discord server and see a lot more of what’s going on behind the scenes (you might even hear about a few other products that we’re working on).


Please include a 360 camera in the helmet.

Adam August 25, 2022

Where are the lights!??m

Kellie August 09, 2022

Like the lights no battery no moter can’t touch it best by far

Wayne frank August 09, 2022

Love it how much do the light cost

Wayne frank August 09, 2022

I’m still waiting for a light manufacturer to produce the ultimate all in one. There are many new great features appeaaring on todays modern lighting solutions such as brake lights, radar, cameras but nobody has yet harnessed all of these new features into one model.

Marcus Gill August 09, 2022

I have your helmet.Works great .Would like switch controller the
At light up when operating.Very much looking forward to purchasing your front & rear directional bike light. What is purchase price?

Stuart Mills August 09, 2022

I’m interested in buying some of your products because I ride a scooter and with light’s Illuminating make a Conscious decision to make other people see you Visually keeping me safe

Michael Mitchell July 21, 2022

I have a Lumos kickstarted helmet. When I try to charge it. Nothing happens. No red light on the back. And with a sustained push on the power button all the amber lights flash. Nothing else. Not sure what’s going on with it. Any suggestions?

babcock gordon August 25, 2022

Not sure if someone else said this. But I’ve been looking for a set of integrated rechargeable lights forever. Currently I use 2 separate lights, and I have no turning lights (which is a must most of the year in the Berlin darkness). The lights have to be mounted and dismounted every time for charging.

It would be so cool to have a set of lights that are just mounted into the bike, with cable routing routing similar to what you would have for a dynamo hub, but going to a small Powerbank that one just plugs in for riding and that’s it. Battery is worn out? Change the Powerbank. Light broke? Change that light only.

Not only it would make the experience super smooth but also opens the door for many other things (bike computers, sensors, phone charging, etc).

Pedro July 21, 2022

I like your lights and I would like a set front and rear

John Sheridan July 21, 2022


Inocente Joj August 09, 2022

I desire yo u r business product.

John Limitone August 09, 2022

I have the original Lumos helmet and I still love it. I lost the charger and turn signal box but re-ordered today and can’t wait for the new ones. I’m also looking forward to the new headlamps. They’ll be on my bike when available. Lumos, you make good stuff.

Peter B. Mead June 27, 2022

I have a new bike.i like your bike lights.

Kathy Mccue June 23, 2022

Thank you

Johnny June 23, 2022

We need them now cause people in cars are very destructed when they are driving.

Yassmon Wilmore June 23, 2022

I need this new lighting 😍

Fortunato Castaneda June 23, 2022

When will the lights be ready & what will the price be. Thanks

Ralph Willard June 23, 2022

So, a couple of things. I personally do have a small taillight on my bike. It’s a little circle, but man does it last, and it’s nice and bright. I feel it’s a bit outdated since it uses regular Android charging. I forgot the name of the actual chord. But anyway, I have a flashlight, it’s an O-Light and they happen to use magnetic charging. Or just like our Apple Watches today that use the little charging pad. Shoot even our Phones. The lights I see here are great especially the circle shaped ones. If all these things could possibly happen to come up with the most ultimate light. That would be so awesome. Though I know there were ideas to be able to pair with our phones so they can, I assume work with our helmets, and the Lumos App. Be all synchronized, man this sounds really tough, it would probably have to be a chunky looking light, I mean hey, if it’s chunky it’ll probably be able to withstand a good rainy day! It’ll be durable! On the serious note though, I hope this turns out great. Good luck! Take all the time you need to come out with the best possible product!☝🏽👍🏽🍀

Gohan June 23, 2022

I’ve used a Lumos 1 helmet and now use the newer version. The newer one with flashes gets more attention from drivers. I’ve noted that also when driving and coming upon cyclists. Please make certain that a few flashing patterns are available on all lights. As others noted, allowing the rear light to be mounted in or on clothing will be helpful as seasons change.

Michael F. June 09, 2022

What would be good if it detected traffic approaching so it would make back light intenserfie

Martin Browning June 23, 2022

I agree with the comments about making them long-lasting and repairable, especially the ability to replace the batteries, as those will fail before decent LEDs do.

Aaron Jamieson June 23, 2022

I read a study once that found that a constant light with a “pulsing flash” (ie, the light is always visible with bursts of brightness) was easier for people to track in the dark. when the light goes out, even momentarily, our brain has to work harder to continue tracking that. I think someone else mentioned something similar to this in these comments. Would love to see that research incorporated into any new lights and possibly an update or option for the helmet.

Chris Walkup May 16, 2022

It would be good if we can have lights using something like the Magnic lights. No need to worry about charging the lights. (To have it compatible with Carbon rims too).

Justin L Lee May 16, 2022

Not so much a commuter – but a road day touring cyclist – therefore weight , bulk. Size , wind resistance are all factors to be considered in design .,

Bob LEWIS May 03, 2022

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