What is Mips and why should you get it?

what is mips lumos ultra brain protection

Lumos started with a simple assumption: if a car sees you it’s most likely not going to hit you. We created the first helmet with lights that not only protected your head but also made you highly visible, thus preventing accidents.
Fast-forward to today and we now have a range of helmets that continue to do that. Of course, accidents happen for a variety of reasons and your security is our first concern. This is why all our helmets are also available with the Mips brain protection system as an option.

You have probably noticed that strange yellow dot in pictures or even on your helmet, you may be wondering what it is exactly. This is what we will explain in this post.

So, what does MIPS mean?

Mips is a Swedish technology co-developed by neurosurgeon Hans Von Holst, who regularly saw patients with traumatic brain injuries as a result of bicycle falls. He took an active​ interest​​​​ in the subject of protections and after 19 long​​​ years of research Mips was born​​​. M.I.P.S stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

Why is MIPS technology essential?

Before giving you a concrete explanation of why MIPS technology is essential, let's go back for a moment to how an impact can have serious consequences on your brain.

When you wear a helmet, the interest is to protect your skull, but also your brain. In most cases, during pre-market testing, helmets are tested by simulating a fall perpendicular to the road. As if we were falling vertically. A regular helmet will give protection to your skull, but not so much to your brain. On the other hand, studies have shown that the vast majority of falls tend to occur laterally, transmitting rotational energy to the brain. As our brain is more sensitive to rotational movements, this can cause severe trauma that can, in the worst case scenario, lead to death.

As you know, our brain floats in our skull thanks to cerebrospinal fluid. The Mips technology imitates the natural protection system using a rotational shell attached to the inside of the helmet. Upon impact, the helmet grips the ground while the Mips system holds your head and performs the necessary circular movements thus reducing rotational energy transmitted to the brain. 

With MIPS technology, you get better protection, your skull and your brain are safer, and you don't lose comfort or support.

What is mips lumos

How can I be sure my helmet is Mips certified?

To know if your helmet comes with the Mips technology make sure it has a yellow dot on it.

You prefer videos? Watch Mips co-founders explain the technology in the video below:

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