Our Story

We make products that protect you and allow you to move freely, without hesitation.

The #1 most backed project in the 'Biking' category in Kickstarter history.

The #1 most funded project in the 'Cycling Accessory' category in Kickstarter history.

01 who we are

Lumos began on the streets of Boston.

It’s where we first fell in love with cycling as a way to get around. Except that it always felt like we were putting our lives onto someone else's hands every time we went on the road. We always felt that people (drivers especially) didn’t see us, especially at night.

02 our mission

To inspire people to move freely, without hesitation.

At Lumos, we build things for you - the smart commuters, the urban explorers, the creative city dwellers, and the pragmatic riders. The ones who refuse to settle for anything other than the best. The ones who want to make the most out of their ride, their day and their life.

We dream of cities where humans come first and where we use technology, common sense and care to keep each other safe.

We envision neighborhoods where movement is seamless, and imagine communities that thrive with limited impact on the environment.

At Lumos, we design products that transform the way we move around busy cities and allow you to move freely, without hesitation.

We believe it’s time to rethink, reinvent and re-humanize the commute.

It’s time to move smart.

03 about the product

Safer, Smarter Helmets.

The best safety devices don’t just protect you during accidents, they prevent them from ever happening. LED headlights, gesture-activated turn signals, and automatic brake lights give you 360˚ visibility — ensuring visibility from every angle on the road. Pair your helmet with the Lumos Companion app to customize light patterns, check battery life, and track activity.

04 community

Strength the numbers

It makes Lumos possible and is the only constant in this every day grind. Every successful crowdfunding campaign, every purchase and every e-mail we get is a reminder that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our community. If you haven’t yet, join us! We’d be happy to have you :)