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Lumos Kickstart

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What's inside the box


First helmet sold at Apple Stores

Fully certified for gold standard head protection

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Kickstart helmets?

Kickstart Lite, as the name says, is our light version which offers you great visibility at a great price.

The Kickstart model adds turn signals (operated via the wireless remote, included in the box) and automatic warning lights.

Kickstart MIPS combines all that with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) which protects you from certain angled falls.

Rest assured: All our helmets - including the non-MIPS models - are crash-tested and safety-certified to the highest standards: CPSC (US) and EN1078 (Europe)

What is MIPS

Multi-Impact Protection System, or MIPS, is a helmet-integrated brain protection system designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts. All MIPS certified helmets are tested to withstand an impact speed of up to 6.7 meters per second. All Lumos helmets, whether or not they are equipped with MIPS, are tested and certified according to US and EU standards.

Currently the following helmets are available with MIPS:

Kickstart Charcoal Black

Kickstart Electric Lime

Matrix Charcoal Black

Street Charcoal Black

What sizes do you have?

Currently our Kickstart helmet comes in one size only -- and it should fit most heads from 54-61cm, and up to 62cm (approximately 21.3 - 24 inches, up to 24.4 inches).

It's a simple task to measure your head size. You can check out the video at https://youtu.be/BdOw9bkwzjY

If you have a relatively wider head, we suggest you to try it at a store before you buy it if possible.

If you purchase from our website (lumoshelmet.co) we have a returns policy where you can get a full refund within 30 days. Just keep your packaging and note that you'll have to pay for return shipping.

What is the weight of the Kickstart helmet?

The first version of our helmets weigh 440g.

We have since created helmets with lighter foam. They weigh 380g.

How long does the battery last for the Kickstart helmet?

In default flashing mode, with the automatic warning light turned off, our helmet can last up to 6 hours. It will last up to 3 hours in solid mode (but for higher visibility and battery life, we recommend it stay in flashing mode).

With our Lumos app, you can adjust your light settings to achieve your desired battery life. The battery lasts up to 18 hours in our most power-saving light mode. This article explains how you can change the light settings in the Lumos app.

If the automatic warning lights are turned on, the battery life will last around 1-2 hours, even on the lowest sensitivity setting. Please check to ensure that your automatic warning lights are off for the longest battery life.

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